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After spending the first 5 years of his career as an editor, in 1991 Bill Nicoletti founded Visual Innovations a full-service production company at the legendary Sigma Sound Studio’s. During that same time, Bill served as a producer and director for NFL Films commercial division. 

In 2015 Bill founded Going the Distance Films, an original content production company. Bill’s directorial debut, Once in a Hundred Years, The Life & Legacy of  Marian Anderson, premiered at The Kimmel Center in Philadelphia to a sold-out audience. Since the premiere in a Hundred Years has been invited to 4 film festivals and also invited to be the featured film at The Kennedy’s Center new performing arts center this fall. American Public Television and ABC will also be broadcasting the film. 

Bill has also teamed up with Grammy-winning recording artist John Legend & Sony Music in the production of The Sound of Philadelphia Story, entitled, The Sound of Philadelphia “ Wake Up Everybody”. Bill has over 75 National industry awards for professional excellence and holds a Master degree from St. Joseph’s University 


Winner Best Documentary Feature

Winner Breaking Boundaries

Once in a Hundred Years

The Life & Legacy of Marian Anderson

Once in a Hundred Years refers to the quote of the great conductor Arturo Toscanini who once told Marian Anderson: "A voice like yours is heard once in a hundred years".  Marian Anderson's story continues to inspire people from very different backgrounds and her achievements in overcoming bigotry and secured her a place as a true pioneer internationally and in her home town of Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love. We walk the streets where she lived; talk to the people who knew her, knew her family.  We see where she was educated and went to church; and marvel at how she was able to transcend humble beginnings to sing for tens of thousands of people, and for Presidents and queens on the world's stages and become an ambassador for the Civil Rights movement.


Wake up Everybody

A documentation of a legendary romance—between artists and producers, between composers and arrangers, and, ultimately, between the city of Philadelphia and the world. In its most influential era, the Philly Sound laid the bridge between the Memphis Soul and Detroit R&B of the 1960s and the Disco era of the 1980s. The songwriting and production partnership of Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff, and the community of artists that grew up around their label, Philly International Records changed not just the music industry, but the culture at large—making bold social statements and embracing an unapologetically romantic outlook on life and love. Featuring incisive interviews with all the major players who helped to write this chapter of our musical history along with countless performance clips, Wake up Everybody takes its viewers through the time machine to witness the birth, growth and lasting influence of a creative movement that could only have happened in one place and time.



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